“Really Good Stuff” Gideon Coe BBC 6 Music

Jet McDonald emerged from the Cleaner Collective of folkish Bristol musicians which included Kate Stables (This is the Kit Brassland) , Rozi Plain (Fence / Lost Map) and Rachael Dadd (Broken Music). He has toured and played nationally at festivals including Fence Home Game and End of the Road. His band The Woodlice had airtime on BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson “Introducing” and he is now part of Bristol “Undergrowth” Collective alongside “Snails” and “Hollowbody” (Jarvis Cocker and Guardian favourites) and “Andy Skellam” (This is the Kit and Gravenhurst support)

2009 saw the release of “Quiet Songs for the Now Time” on Cleaner Records (legendary Bristol label that included Rozi Plain, Rachael Dadd, This is the Kit)

2013 “Soft Soft Soft the Sparrow Sings,” was released, based on Jet’s bicycle ride to India from the UK, on Undergrowth Records, toured nationally and recieved airtime on BBC 6 Music Gideon Coe.

Feb 2016 sees the release of EP “All Wrapped Up and All Undone” with Undergrowth Records, touring the UK and Europe with Andy Skellam

When Jet’s not playing solo he’s in a band called “The Woodlice”  formed in May 2011 . The Woodlice play “ace pop punk folk” and you can find out more at

When I’m not singing songs I’m writing stories and spinning yarns. You can find out more about my writing at


If want to get in touch with me it would be great to hear from you…

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