Musical Bike Tour

I interviewed Jesse from the bands “This is the Kit”and “Morningstar”, for the next issue of Boneshaker Magazine, for an article on musicians on bikes, and he told me about The Magical Bike Tour, a summer musical tour he’s been doing by bike.

And so this August I’ll be a little musical tour with Jesse and his mates in the Welsh Borders before going to The End of the Road music festival with Bristol musical and story collective Folk Tales.

The Magical Bike Tour proves its possible to tour and gig by bike and have a great time.

Here’s a video of one of the last Magical Bike Tours. Proving you can tour with drums and double bass by bike!

Look out for a full interview with Jesse and Dino from the Magical Bike Tour in the next issue of Boneshaker and a bunch of other freethinking musicians on bikes.

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