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And we’re off

Album released! You can get it on bandcamp and iTunes and amazon. And I’m off on a magical bike tour with a bunch of other bands through Shropshire. Had a puncture even before we even started at Bristol but got a new inner tube , strapped the guitar on the back , braved the train conductors to Worcester, cycled to the first pub at Stanford Bridge and getting ready to play! Lets bike folk rock ! You can catch you tube daily video updates here



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Album Preview on Bandcamp website with Boneshaker Magazine

Bonesshaker Loves Jet M Graffiti !

Boneshaker is a gorgeous little publication that celebrates cycling. I’ve been writing for Boneshaker for a couple of years and for the next issue, issue 11, I’ve written a piece about my cycle trip to India and the songs that I wrote along the way. There will be eight songs up on a dedicated Bandcamp site which you can click on as you read the article.

Issue 11 will be out in the new year and you find out more and where to to get it at


Jen who cycled with me is singing backing vocals, my friend Virpi is playing violin, with Jon G adding guitar/ banjo and mandolin. The album was recorded with Alex at Forest Studio in Bristol and then mastered onto on an old reel to reel tape machine. It’s also got a cast of casio keyboard, spoke sounds and a bike pump.

The whole album with fifteen songs will be out Spring 2013 and we’re looking for a label.

In the meantime here’s “Pedal Pedal Pedal” . I wrote “Pedal Pedal Pedal” in a flat in Istanbul as Jen folded out the map of Turkey and we tried to draw a line across that didn’t hit any mountains-which is a bit like trying to wrap a wooden ruler round a grapefruit.

Pedal Pedal Pedal

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